AGON Key Switch

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  • 512GB Memory
  • Platinum (Latest Model)
  • Intel Pentium

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AGON Key Switch:


The Agon key switch is designed for rolling shutters commonly found in industrial, commercial, or residential settings. These switches are designed to control the operation of rolling shutters, which are often used for security or privacy purposes.


Why Agon Key Switch:

The Agon key switch is the perfect solution for you!


You can get rid of the trouble of pulling heavy rolling shutter doors with your hands and enjoy simple control with the rolling shutter key switch that gives you smooth opening and closing of the doors.


Agon key switch ensures safety, as you can close the shutter when leaving your house to prevent thieves from entering. In addition, the agon key switch operates without disturbance, which contributes to maintaining a quiet environment and residents’ comfort.


Features of AGON Key Switch:


The agon key switch has a key-operated mechanism that lets the rolling shutter be opened or closed by authorized people. By limiting access to the shutter to only authorized individuals, this extra security feature improves the overall safety of the area.


  • Weather-resistant design: To ensure dependable performance over time, the key switch is frequently made to endure harsh outside elements like wind, rain, and dust.


  • Compatibility with rolling shutters: The switch key is designed especially for use with rolling shutter gates or doors, providing a safe and practical method of operating them.


  • Key-operated: To prevent unwanted access, an additional degree of security is added to switches that normally require a key to operate.


  • Locking mechanism: It may include a locking mechanism to secure the key in place when not in use, preventing tampering or unauthorized access.


  • Durability: The agon key switch is made of high-quality materials, in addition, it’s 100% Italian-made. Which makes it durable and able to withstand daily use and weather changes safely.



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