Torq 500 Motor For Automatic Sliding Doors Up To 500 KG

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  • Automatic Sliding Gate.
  • TORQ 500.
  • Full Kit includes (Torq motor +Control Panel built in receiver + 2 Remote Control + Photocell + Flasher)

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Torq 500 Motor for Automatic Sliding Doors up to 500 KG:

A motor for automatic sliding doors designed to handle doors weighing up to 500 kg typically.


Key Features of Motor for Automatic Sliding Doors up to 500 KG:

 • High Weight Capacity: The motor is designed to handle sliding doors up to 500 kg in weight, so even with heavier doors, it will operate smoothly and effectively.

 • Smooth Operation: The motor is equipped with precision parts and cutting-edge motor technology, enabling the sliding doors to operate silently and smoothly, giving consumers effortless access.

 • Robust Construction: Because it is made of sturdy materials and can resist repeated use as well as different types of climatic conditions, the motor will always perform and be reliable.

 • Safety Features: The motor prevents accidents and damage to the door and surrounding property by incorporating modern safety features such as obstacle detection sensors, auto-reverse mechanisms, and manual override options. 

Overall, a motor for automatic sliding doors up to 500 kg provides efficient, reliable, and convenient operation, making it an ideal choice for various uses, including commercial buildings, residential complexes, hospitals, airports, and retail stores.

Specification of Motor for Automatic Sliding Doors up to 500 KG:

       • 24V versions.

       • Digital control unit.

       • Safe and accurate encoder operation.

       • Self-education regarding opening and closing hours. 

       • Detecting obstacles.

       • Acceleration and deceleration can be programmed.

       • Programmable start-up rate, or soft start.

       • Operation with the 161237 backup battery in case of a power outage.

       • Use of the ECO-LOGIC system for solar power operation.

       • Two motors operate in unison with the SYNCRO module.

       • All magnetic limit switches have a long history of accuracy and dependability.

       • A monitor and three programme buttons are used for programming.

       • Modular radio receiver MR2 plug-in adapter with an ADI connection to connect add-on modules.

       • The motor includes ( Control Panel-Receiver- Flasher -Photocell- 2 Remote control).

       • Made in Italy.



Features  Unit
Gate Maximum Weight(KG) 500
Power Supply           Vac-Hz 230-50
Maximum Power (W) 300
Full Load current(A) 2
Gate Maximum Speed(m/s) 0.28
Maximum Thrust (N) 600
Duty Cycle (%) 90
Pinion M4-Z15
Working Temperature (C*) -20 -50
Protection Degree (IP) 44
Maximum Load on 24 Vac Accessories (W) 7
L x W x H (cm) 37 x32 x25
Weight (KG) 9

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 37 × 25 × 32 cm



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TORQ 500 24 Vdc


Automatic Sliding Gate up to 500kg.

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