Swing Gates (Underground) up to 4 m 650 kg

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ht: 400;”>INTRO<p>Automation for swing gates with leaves up to 8 m – 1300 kg .</span></p><p&gt;RELE</b&gt;<p>ASEs

tyle=”font-weight: 400;”>: Available with key or lever.

FOUNDATION BOX: Tough extra thick foundation box.

MECHANICAL STOP: Opening and closing stop as standard.

The underground installation makes the automation completely invisible. 

without altering the appearance of the gate. The solid die 

cast aluminum and IP67 watertight seal ensure reliable operation and low maintenance.</span></span>

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Swing Gates (Underground) up to 4 m 650 kg:

Experience the top-notch performance of swing gates (underground) up to 8 m 1300 kg
as they boast high energy efficiency, contributing to cost savings in the long run.


Why Choose Swing Gates (Underground)?

Enormous Power: The underground swing gate motor boasts significant lifting capacity for heavy and large doors.
With a competitive price point, the
swing gates (underground) up to 8 m 1300 kg are an attractive choice.

 In addition, it is suitable for a variety of applications, including large industrial and commercial doors.
Thanks to its immense power, you can rely on it for continuous operation without issues,
making it a dependable and efficient solution for commercial and industrial environments
where constant use and steady performance are required.

Smooth Performance: Furthermore, the swing gates (underground) provide smooth,
wobble-free operation, ensuring quiet and orderly movement of the door,
which contributes to a comfortable and safe environment.
When the motor delivers smooth performance, it guarantees consistent operation,
ensuring quiet and orderly movement without any unwanted vibrations,
providing a calm and relaxing experience.

User Safety: Smooth door movement enhances safety by reducing the risk of accidents or injuries
caused by unexpected vibrations or sudden movements.
It also reduces stress on the motor and door components, significantly minimizing the risk of potential
damage or malfunctions in the long run.



  • Release Mechanism: Offers the option of key or lever release.
  • Foundation Box: Durable, extra-thick foundation box for added strength.
  • Mechanical Stops: Built-in stops for both opening and closing as standard features.
  • The underground installation keeps the automation entirely hidden, preserving the gate’s original appearance.
    The robust die-cast aluminum construction and IP67 waterproof sealing guarantee reliable performance with minimal maintenance. 

In case of a power outage, the gate can be manually opened instantly using the release lever accessory.


For more details, contact us immediately. 

><tr><td>style="color: #e31535; font-size: 20px;">eatures ize: 20px;">Unit</strong></tr><td>CODE22S057</tr&amp;amp;gt;Speed (rpm)&lt;/td&gt;</p>

<td class="yoast-text-mark">tyle="text-align: center;">0.85

<tr>Leafopening (°)Max 110 (360 con INT 360)</td>

<td>Maximum electric power (W)

Maximum leaf length (m) 4
Maximum leaf weight (Kg) 650
Power supply (Vac - Hz) 230 - 50
Full load current (A) 1</td>
Torque max (Nm) 500
Working temperature (°C) -20 ÷ +55
Protection degree (IP) 67
Duty cycle (%) 30
Motor weight (Kg) 14.3

Additional information

Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 32.5 × 15.2 cm



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