Rolling Shutter Doors Up To 170 KG AGON 170

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  • Automatic Rolling Shutter motor.
  • Agon 170.
  • Made in Italy.

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Rolling Shutter Doors up to 170 KG AGON 170:

The motor for rolling shutter doors up to 170 kg provides efficient, reliable, and convenient operation,
making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications
where lightweight rolling shutter doors need to be operated smoothly and safely.


Advantages of Rolling Shutter Door Motors up to 170 KG:

The rolling shutter door motor up to 170 kg, provides several advantages such as the following:

• Optimized Power: Rolling shutter doors weighing up to 170 kg can be operated effectively
and smoothly thanks to the motor’s precise power output,
which also ensures dependable operation.

• Compact Design: The motor is simple to install and doesn’t add extra bulk to the rolling shutter system
thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

• Quiet Operation: Because of its cutting-edge motor technology,
the motor runs softly in both residential and business settings, reducing noise disturbance.

• Durability: The motor is made of sturdy materials and is built to survive rough use and extreme weather,
guaranteeing its long-term dependability and efficiency.

• Safety: The motor improves user safety and prevents accidents or damage to the door,
such as automatic stop/reverse mechanisms and obstacle detection sensors.

Energy Efficiency: Because the motor is built with energy-efficient technology,
it operates with little power consumption, which lowers energy expenses and has a positive environmental impact.

• Customization: The motor provides customization options like adjustable speed settings,
programmable operation modes, and compatibility enabling specialized solutions to satisfy your particular needs.


Specification of Rolling Shutter Door Motors:

– Agon irreversible at 230V.

– Electromechanical shutter actuator with an electric brake that weighs 170 kg.

– Cables covered in a unique plastic container.

– The external limit switch device is conveniently located.

– Condenser with prewiring.

– It is also, easy to use, intuitive limit switch configuration.

-Included are a shaft adapter 48 and a crown 220 for models 170-260.

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Features  Unit
Power supply (Vac - Hz) 230 - 50
Absorbed current (A) 2.7
Maximum electric power (W) 630
Lifting power (Kg) 170
Torque (Nm) 170
Motor crown speed (rpm) 10
Rolling shutter shaft Ø (B) (mm) 60/48
Motor crown Ø (A) (mm) 200/220
Motor weight (Kg) 8
Working temperature (°C) -20 ÷ +55
Shutter maximum height (m) 7
L x W x H (cm) 41 x 24 x24
Weight (KG) 9


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Agon 170.


Agon 170 for doors up to 170 kg.

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