Motors for Sliding Gates up to 4 Tons ( HYPERFOR )

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Motors for Sliding Gates up to 4 Tons ( HYPERFOR ):

The motors for sliding gates up to 4 tons ( HYPERFOR ) is designed for gates weighing up to 4 tons,
providing several advantages for those seeking efficient and reliable gate automation. 

Here are some of the key advantages of Motors for Sliding Gates up to 4 Tons ( HYPERFOR )

• High-weight capacity: The hyperfor motors are ideal for heavy-duty applications like large gates
on commercial or industrial premises,
as they are specifically designed to manage sliding gates weighing up to 4 tones.

• Customizable settings: Numerous hyperfor motors have programmable parameters,
like force and speed adjustments, that let you customize the gate’s operation to meet your unique needs.

• Advanced safety features: To avoid accidents and guarantee the security
of both vehicles and pedestrians close to the gate.
These motors frequently include cutting-edge safety features like obstacle detection sensors, safety edges, or photocells.

• Remote control compatibility: Since most of these motors are compatible with remote control systems,
you can conveniently operate the gate from a distance, like inside a building or car.


Motors for Sliding Gates up to 4 Tons Specifications: 

  • Gates up to 4000 kg on a 230V, a three-phase system with an inverter.
  • Extensive functioning even with substantial gates.
  • Identifying obstacles.
  • Self-education regarding opening and closing hours.
  • Two motors operate in unison with the SYNCRO module.
  • Ability to modify the torque of the gear motor.
  • M6 pinion and industrial electromechanical limit switch.
  • Programming was completed using a display and three program buttons, .
  • The programming menu is available in multiple languages via a 122×32 pixel visual display.
  • An adapter to plug into the MR2 modular radio receiver.
  • Photocells with a self-test function have two inputs.
  • Two inputs for safety edges that are resistive or mechanical.
  • Three programmable relay outputs for use as warning lights, electric locks, electronic brakes,
    lights, or functional tests 12 volts DC.
  • ADI connection for attaching add-on components.
  • 230V control unit coupled with a three-phase motor and an inverter.
  • Acceleration and deceleration can be programmed.
  • Adaptable slowing speed and stroke.

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Pinion-Working Temperature-Protection Degree-Maximum Load on 24 Vac Accessories-L x W x H (cm)-Weight (KG)-


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