Kit Light For Sliding Motor Up To 1200 KG Ayros

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  • Automatic Sliding Gate.
  • Ayros 1200.
  • Light Kit includes ( Ayros 1200 +Control Panel with built in receiver +2 Remote Control).</li>
  • Made in Italy.
Out of stock
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Kit Light For Sliding Motor Up To 1200 KG Ayros :

Order Kit Light For Sliding Motor Up To 1200 KG Ayros and enjoy a discount up to 40%.

Specifications of Kit Light For Sliding Motor Up To 1200 KG Ayros 1200 :

 • Reducer for an irreversible electromechanical rack actuator motor used in sliding gates up to 1200 kg in weight.

 • Encoder operation that is both safe and accurate

 • Obstacle identification

 • Understanding opening and closing times on your own

 • Magnetic limit switches that are accurate and dependable over time are used to synchronize
the functioning of two motors using the SYNCRO module.

 • Digital control devices with 3 program buttons and a display were used for programming.

 • An adapter to plug into the MR2 modular radio receiver.

 • Two inputs for mechanical or resistive safety edges.

 • Two inputs for photocells with a self-test function.

 • ADI connector for connecting optional modules.

 • 230V intermittent flashing light output.

 • Self-learning opening time and obstacle detection function.

 •Operational cycle counter with programmable maintenance reminder.

 • Slow-down function in limit switch area.

 • Slow start function during opening (programmable start-up rate); programmable power for the brake function.

 • Kit light Ayros 1200D-230V include ( Motor -Control Panel-Receiver- 2 Remote Control).

 • Made in Italy.


Advantages of Kit Light For Sliding Motor Up To 1200 KG Ayros :

1- High Weight Capacity: The Kit Light For Sliding Motor Up To 1200 KG is ideal for a variety of applications,
including industrial, commercial, and residential settings,
because it can easily handle big sliding doors with its 1200 kg capability.

2- Smooth Operation: The Ayros motor ensures smooth sliding door movement without creating disruptive
noise or disturbing people inside.

3- Durable Construction: The Ayros 1200 kg motor is made of strong materials and is intended
to withstand hard usage and a range of environmental conditions,
guaranteeing dependable and long-lasting operation.

4- Safety Features: The Ayros motor 1200 kg guarantees user safety and prevents accidents or damage
to the door and adjacent property by including modern safety features like obstacle detection sensors,
auto-reverse mechanisms, and manual override options.

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<tr&gt;Gate Maximum Weight (kg)&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/td&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;td style="text-align: center;">1200

Power Supply Vac (V) 230/50
Maximum Power (W) 600
Full Load current (A) 2.6
Gate Maximum Speed (m/s) 0.16
Maximum Thrust (N) 950
Duty Cycle (%) 30
Pinion M 4-Z18
Working Temperature -20 /+ 55
Protection Degree IP 44
Maximum Load on 24 Vac Accessories (w) 10
L x W x H (cm) 42 x 29 x 41
Weight (KG) 19

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 41 cm


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Ayros 1200


Ayros 1200 for gates up to 1200 Kg