Automatic Swing Gate Up To 400 KG Calypso 2.5m

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  • Automatic Swing Gate. Calypso 400.
  • For swing gate up to 400 kg & 2.5 m Width per leaf.
  • Full Kit includes( 2 Arm motors+ Control Panel built-in receiver+ 2 Remote Control + Photocell +Flasher).
  • Made in Italy.

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Automatic Swing Gate up to 400 KG Calypso 400:

Automatic Swing Gate Up To 400 KG Calypso ,
provides convenience, security, and efficiency,
making it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


The Benefits of Automatic Swing Gate Up to 400 KG Calypso 400:

In addition, the automatic swing gate serves various purposes and can be used in different settings.
Here are some of its benefits:

– Residential Security: The automatic swing gate provides enhanced security for residential properties
by preventing illegal access and intrusions.

– Commercial Security: Within business environments like warehouses, offices, or industrial facilities,
the automatic swing gate guarantees managed entry,
enhancing security protocols and limiting access to individuals with proper authorization.

– Convenience: It offers convenience by eliminating the need for the manual process of gates,
allowing residents to enter and exit the building without having to physically open or close the gate.

– Safety: The automatic swing gate is equipped with manual control options and obstacle detection sensors.
In addition to ensuring the safety of individuals and vehicles in the nearness of the gate.

– Accessibility: By enabling automatic access to buildings without requiring physical effort,
it improves accessibility for people with disabilities or mobility issues.

– Customization: The automatic swing gate has customized features, including keypad entry systems
and remote control operation, with access control systems,
allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.


Specification of Automatic Swing Gate:

The electromechanical actuator is irreversible for swing gates with leaves up to 2.5 meters long.

Accessible at 230V.

Just one variation for the left and right leaves.

A workable release mechanism.

Version 400 is for leaves up to 2.5 meters.

The whole kit comes with two arm moors, a control panel with a receiver, a photocell, a flasher, and two remote controls.

Complete Kit-A CALYPSO-230V  29D030 is the model.

Made in Italy.

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Features  Unit
Maximum leaf length (m) 2.5
Maximum leaf weight (kg) 400
Maximum Power (Vac-Hz) 230-50
Vacuum absorption (A) 0.8
Gate Maximum Speed (m/s) 0.016
Maximum Thrust(N) 2300
Duty Cycle (%) 30
Working Temperature (C) -30 /+50
Opening time 0÷ 90° (sec) 22
Protection Degree IP44
Maximum travel (mm) 400
L x W x H (cm) 87 x 24 x 20
Weight (KG) 18

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 87 × 24 × 20 cm



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Calypso 400


Automatic swing Gate for gates up to 2.5 width and 400 kg per leaf.

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