Automatic Sliding Gate FORTECO For Gates Up To 2200 Kg

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Automatic Sliding Gate FORTECO for gates up to 2200 Kg:

The best security and protection for your factory because it combines high performance
with an advanced remote control system for automatic sliding gate Forteco for gates up to 2200 Kg.
Because obstacle sensors sense obstructions in front of the door and automatically stop to prevent
collisions and damage, your property will be safe from harm.

In addition, the motor is robust, vibration-resistant, and resistant to corrosion,
so you can easily rely on it to open and close doors weighing up to 2200 kg.

You can also control the door movement and its operating programs with ease because the motor
is equipped with a built-in control unit and an easy-to-use interface.


Features of Automatic Sliding Gate FORTECO 2200 Kg:

  • Safe and precise encoder operation.
  • Identifying obstacles.
  • Self-education regarding opening and closing hours.
  • Two motors operate in unison with the SYNCRO module.
  • All magnetic limit switches are long-lasting, accurate, and dependable.
  • An adapter to plug into the MR2 modular radio receiver.
  • Photocells with a self-test function have two inputs.
  • Two inputs for safety edges that are resistive or mechanical.
  • Output of courtesy light.
  • ADI connection for attaching add-on components.
  • Programmable start-up rate, or soft start.
  • Made in Italy.


Why choose Automatic Sliding Gate FORTECO?

• High weight capacity: Because it is made especially for heavy-duty weighing gates up to 2200 kg in weight,
The automatic sliding gate Forteco can be used in commercial or industrial settings where big gates are typical.

• Powerful motor: Complete with a strong motor that can support the gate’s weight and ensure dependable,
smooth operation.

• Remote control compatibility: Compliant with remote control systems,
which makes it possible to conveniently operate the gate from a distance from inside a building or car. 

• Safety features: Incorporates several safety measures, including photocells and obstacle detection sensors,
to guard against collisions and guarantee the security of passing cars and people near the gate.

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Add to wishlist3 people favorited this product
Add to wishlist3 people favorited this product
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