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About Us
Welcome to Technology Valley

Welcome to Technology Valley

who are we ?

Technology Valley for automatic doors is one of the well known companies in Egypt, which provides the necessary solutions and integrated systems for both houses, companies, factories, bodies and others. The most important strategies of our policy of comprehensive service before and after the sale through follow-up and dialogue with customers to find the most appropriate solutions of high technical level, where the company offers quality and appropriate prices and comprehensive warranty services has been our goal always integration in performance, commitment to customers, team work, innovation excellence , Superior professionalism. Technology Valley is the authorized dealer for V2 in Egypt since 2013.

About company

Established in 2003 with the increasing demand for automatic door systems. Through market research and customer needs, we have provided comprehensive and interrelated solutions for automatic doors of all types such as garage gates, gate gates, sliding gates, intrusion barriers and traffic barriers.

Speech of the Chairman of the Board

The philosophy of the management of Technology Vale is based on the principle of responsibility and mutual respect. It operates in a unique environment with a cohesive structure that encourages more successful business and emphasizes the principle of respect for customers and employees.

Some companies may offer "traditional solutions" but these solutions often lack strength and effectiveness. For our part, we have harnessed all the material and human resources and applied the latest technologies to achieve high quality and specifications that match the international standards, hoping to have the satisfaction of our customers, they deserve the best always.